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Step 1 - To Cleanse -  Cleansers will eliminate the skin of dirt, impurities, such as dead cells, cosmetics and excessive oils. Efficient cleansers clean the surface of the skin and the pores. "SOAPS" are highly alkaline and besides drying out your skin, will strip the acid mantle (your own natural protective oils). Cleansers are not as alkaline, cleansing the skin without stripping its protective oils.

Step 2 - To Tone -  Toners are effective in completing the cleansing process. Toners remove excess cleanser and help restore your acid mantle. Astringents are designed for oily skins and usually contain alcohols that remove excess oils. Toners do not contain alcohol and will not strip your protective oils.

Step 3 - To Moisturize -  Moisturizers help protect against loss of moisture from the skin and protect your skin from the environment. They soften skin helping to slow down the effects of aging. A moisturizer is only effective if it contains water, oils and emollients. Moisturizers are mainly for daytime use as they deposit a protective film on the skin. This film forms a barrier which holds in moisture.

Step 4- To Exfoliate -  These products are known as 'scrubs' and 'peels'. "Supercleansers" that remove impurities from the pores and slough off dead surface cells, while stimulating and improving circulation to your skin. Scrubs may contain small granules that are mild abrasive. The abrasive action, when the granules are rubbed off, removes the dirt and dead cells leaving your skin clean and glowing. Peels on the other hand contain fruit enzymes and acids that "digest" the dead skin cells while promoting toned and even skin, often removing hyperpigmentation caused by years of too much sun. This type of peel can refine lines and wrinkles, while helping to keep your skin soft smooth and healthy.

Step 5- To Protect -  We, here in Arizona, should always be very careful about sun exposure. There are studies that have concluded that Australia and Arizona have the highest percentages of sun related skin disorders, such as hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. With these thoughts in mind, please wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for 'minimum' protection, and apply it often if you must be out in the sun. I always counsel my clients to use a sunscreen. Some people are allergic to PABA, an ingredient in some sunscreens, but there are now many alternatives. I use a sunscreen as my moisturizer, prior to applying my make-up everyday. When my clients do come with a sunburn I offer them an in-salon treatment combining an aloe and seaweed masque for soothing, with an oil-based moisturizing treatment. I advise my clients to take cool showers and to use a milder (or no) astringents and 'continuous' use of aloe-based moisturizers until the skin is fully healed.

My name is Sylvia L Ossa and I am an Arizona Licensed Aesthetician. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised and schooled in New York, England and Switzerland, I speak fluent Spanish and a little French. In 1991, I graduated with Honors from the College of Beauty, Arts and Science in Flagstaff, Arizona. Currently to my credits I have added Certificates in Clinical Aromatherapy. Advanced Dermalogics, Certified Peeling and Pigmentation Techniques, Retail and Marketing Strategies. I continue to further my education in this wonderful and forever challenging, advancing field of professional skin care.


I would like to help you attain Healthy, Beautiful Skin. So, with that thought in mind, I would show you how to achieve this goal. Remember, "Real Beauty seeks true commitment!" Let me begin with a few basics of skin care that will help you on your way to a more healthy and youthful skin!

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