Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Aesthetician?

A highly trained, dedicated, licensed, professional specialist in skin care. Aestheticians offer preventive care and treatment to keep the skin healthy and attractive. Many dermatologists retain an Aesthetician on their staff in order to provide patients with the most complete and effective care.

Do I need Professional Skin Care?

Why? Heredity, general health and the environment all play an important part in the condition of your skin. The deep cleansing, stimulating and moisturizing effects of a professional facial aid in combating the damaging effects of sun, dryness, pollution and time.

Can the aging process be reversed?

The natural aging process cannot be reversed. Salon treatments and proper home care can make the skin look and feel better, and can help maintain the health and attractiveness of the skin for a lifetime.

I use a good home care product - isn't that enough?

No product, no matter how expensive, can replace the facial treatment! The deep pore cleansing treatment removes the build up of dead cells, oil and dirt that products alone cannot. In addition, the facial treatment not only improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, it also tones and smooths.

What does the most damage to my skin?

Obviously, the ultra violet rays of the sun are very damaging; we are all aware of the importance of using a sunscreen. The newest problem we need to consider is air pollution. When polluted air comes in contact with the skin, it is partially converted to sulfuric acid! If that isn't bad enough, our personal habits play a big part - alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (yes, prescription drugs too!) are all very damaging to our skin.

How often should I get a facial treatment?

Frequently! Remember the beneficial effects of facial treatments are cumulative - the enemies of the skin are constant.

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